Media, and politics, and marketing

So two things matter in graphic design, content, and beauty. Content is product right? It is the thing that gives you an excuse to look at beauty. That is why sex is such an easy marketing tool, the product justifies the indulgence of an other wise guilty obsession.

What a a girl wants
So, which is it? If the car is expensive, and not a justifiable purchase, but is rather an indulgence, and frankly just another bill, than why allow the advertisement of a place you’ll never go, or a type of person you want but can’t really have, convince you to add another bill to your life? Ambition! Marketing reminds us in obvious ways that the clock is ticking. The idea of the sale plays on our fear of missing out. Since we can conceive of a time when we weren’t here, and a time that we won’t be here, we feel like we don’t want to miss out. Now is a moving target. We have been trained by the way it is, to renew supply.

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