Dah Shop Promo Work

It has been fun to work with Dah Shop on promotional events that promote awareness of the brand, and the store while also providing an opportunity to get together and ride. These visual pieces let people know when and where.

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A route often wandered to common company

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The tide goes out and comes in… again and again

wave 090817

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Media, and politics, and marketing

So two things matter in graphic design, content, and beauty. Content is product right? It is the thing that gives you an excuse to look at beauty. That is why sex is such an easy marketing tool, the product justifies the indulgence of an other wise guilty obsession.

What a a girl wants
So, which is it? If the car is expensive, and not a justifiable purchase, but is rather an indulgence, and frankly just another bill, than why allow the advertisement of a place you’ll never go, or a type of person you want but can’t really have, convince you to add another bill to your life? Ambition! Marketing reminds us in obvious ways that the clock is ticking. The idea of the sale plays on our fear of missing out. Since we can conceive of a time when we weren’t here, and a time that we won’t be here, we feel like we don’t want to miss out. Now is a moving target. We have been trained by the way it is, to renew supply.

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Paul Rand

A creative man who used his abilities to reach the eyes of the world, and to define many of the visual icons of Western Commercial Identity.

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Issue 01: The Funnies

The Nature of Things

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Pre Industrial Earth

Earth sunrise from atmosphere pre-Anthropocene

Earth sunrise from atmosphere pre-Anthropocene



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Vernon Lefty Gomez

Here is a quick portrait of the legendary Yankees icon Vernon Lefty Gomez. Five world championships, and six years as an All Star, he played in the MLB from 1930 to 1943:

Vernon Lefty Gomez

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NYC FreedomTrail

There are examples of history’s reach through time all around us. Then there is all of history, and the varied interests of the living, and their intentions to either reference it or celebrate it. The drops that make up this waterfall often cascade into the river of time missing their chance to glimmer. Now, as yesterday many an amazing story remains untold. The story of NYC as a hub for freedom during our nation’s youth of brutality, is beginning to sparkle. Through my efforts to provide visual infrastructure for these ethereal moments, I offer this map. It has been produced with the foresight and dedication of my friend and fellow historical enthusiast Jacob Morris. We’ve taken a step toward shining a light on the lives of great freedom fighters and Americans at their best. Let us not forget their struggles, and let us be heartened by their victories as we live in a place that strives ever closer to our ideals. We will never forget!


A walking tour and map of sites and people who helped so many escape the bonds of slavery, in pursuit of human dignity, and the right to make their own way in life.

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Magnetic Field Portals in Space

This video explains that there are uninterrupted portals that would provide instant or at least accelerated travel between vast distances of space. The potential of this is pretty exciting to consider. Firstly the ability to make observations of the sun close up via pointing equipment at a portal means we’ll be getting closer to the Sun than we thought possible pretty soon. The next potential banger here is that other planets with magnetic fields, say Saturn, or perhaps Jupiter, could have similar solar portals in their magnetic fields. Is it possible to send probes through the portals? Can we get an idea of the magnetic field activity of these other planets by observing how our own Electron Diffusion Regions look on the Sun’s surface. Maybe CME’s and the Sun’s own polarity cycles are effected by its relationship to its surrounding planets’ Magnetospheres. If we do manage to travel that far perhaps these portals will allow us to send data across great distances more rapidly and effectively than with radio or lasers.

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