Magnetic Field Portals in Space

This video explains that there are uninterrupted portals that would provide instant or at least accelerated travel between vast distances of space. The potential of this is pretty exciting to consider. Firstly the ability to make observations of the sun close up via pointing equipment at a portal means we’ll be getting closer to the Sun than we thought possible pretty soon. The next potential banger here is that other planets with magnetic fields, say Saturn, or perhaps Jupiter, could have similar solar portals in their magnetic fields. Is it possible to send probes through the portals? Can we get an idea of the magnetic field activity of these other planets by observing how our own Electron Diffusion Regions look on the Sun’s surface. Maybe CME’s and the Sun’s own polarity cycles are effected by its relationship to its surrounding planets’ Magnetospheres. If we do manage to travel that far perhaps these portals will allow us to send data across great distances more rapidly and effectively than with radio or lasers.

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Summer fun

Been investigating motion illusion in drawing. I would consider this a successful kick off of the venture.

On going lunch time character made for some laughs. Hater Begger, he asks for help to draw people in and then insults them and tells them to go away!

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The debate rages on…

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Will aspects of Earth’s colonial past play out on Mars?

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Luca and Caio Mornings


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Work in Progress

Matthew Henson, North Pole Explorer

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Frederic Church Iceberg James Haunt Grenade Games 7

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Matt Henson is a fascinating American Explorer

Page from Ice Cap Explorer by Charles Hearn

This is a page from an illustrated biography of Henson that I have been developing with research from Henson’s own account of his exploration, Peary’s account, and North Pole Legacy by S. Allen Counter. Look for more this fall.

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Moon Rock

The possibilities were the ridges and peaks on a meteorite
brought back
from the moon, and placed in a museum.
Now smooth and greasy
from all the curious pokes
and the strokes of irreverence.
Texture and nuance
groped away
by terrestrial mitts
fondling at the exotic.
Exposed is
all that is left, flat,
boring and local.

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Bushwick Church Bike Race Mini Velodrome Red Bull

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