From concept to installation, a holiday job

Here is a kiosk I designed in collaboration with Mixed Greens Event Design on behalf of Edelman, for Heineken. Let’s follow this design from sketch to installation.
It started as all these things do, as a sketch over a conversation…

Lemonade stand was the motif, so the next round went with pennants, and deviated little from the most basic branding tenants:

Some clarity of concept, and an invitation to push the concept from the stakeholders, which included image examples, and the next round was that much closer, minor tweaks, then off to fabrication:

Coupled with lighted garland, and paired with other decorative elements the design which started out sort of flat, was transformed into a rustic, yet inviting brand interaction for Heineken. Adding texture lends a 3d element making a dynamic, and inviting way to promote product and perform a genuine good this holiday season. Holiday Cheer. The gift of Beer!

Heineken Trading Post at Park Avenue Tavern

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